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In 1998, he completed his six-year Plastic Surgical residency at the gazi üniversity hospital in Ankara in 1998. This comprehensive training included specialized experience at the American hospital in Istanbul and in England. Afterthat he served as CHIEF  in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Kirikkale state Medical Hospital and gained extensive experience in the sub-specialties of aesthetic, micro, pediatric and hand surgery.


Accreditaions,  Book Chapters and Articles


Investigation of the effect of liposuction on the perforator vessels using color Doppler ultrasonography

Hakan Demir… – European journal of …, 1998 – Springer

Page 1. Eur J Plast Surg (1998) 21:38-42 © Springer-Verlag 1998 S. Inceo~lu • H. ()zdemir
• F. Jnceo~lu • H. Demir B. Onal • C. (~elebi Investigation of the effect of liposuction on
the perforator vessels using color Doppler ultrasonography 

my clinic study is referred by many of academic articles. Some of these are listed below;

1-Free DIEAP and SGAP flap breast reconstruction after abdominal/gluteal liposuction

B De Frene, K Van Landuyt, M Hamdi… – Journal of Plastic, …,

2006 – Elsevier

Perforator flaps are widely used in our unit for breast reconstruction. They provide ample tissue with minimal donor site morbidity together with long lasting aesthetic results. Increasing number of patients may have liposuction procedure which may jeopardise …


2-The effect of ultrasound-assisted liposuction and conventional liposuction on the perforator vessels in the lower abdominal wall.

PN Blondeel, D Derks, N Roche… – British journal of …, 2003 –

Abstract: Scientific reports of clinical in vivo research into the effects and side-effects of ultrasonic-assisted liposuction (UAL) are scarce. Advocates of UAL claim that the damage to vascular and nervous structures is limited and even less than with conventional and/or …


3-Conventional liposuction-assisted debulking of muscle perforator flaps

GG Hallock – Annals of plastic surgery, 2004 –

Abstract Late recontouring of the usual bulky cutaneous flap via conventional liposuction is an accepted practice and usually without fear of tissue necrosis. Muscle perforator flaps, on the other hand, initially depend only on often fragile, minuscule vessels that could readily …


4-Refinements in abdominoplasty: A critical outcomes analysis over a 20-year period

AP Trussler, TJ Kurkjian, DA Hatef… – Plastic and …, 2010 –

Background: The use of liposuction combined with abdominoplasty has been controversial.

The combination of techniques has been associated with an increased rate of venous thromboembolism and wound-healing complications. Through improvements in venous …


5-The effect of liposuction on inferior epigastric perforator vessels: a prospective study with color Doppler sonography

M Salgarello, L Barone-Adesi, A Cina… – Annals of plastic …, 2005 –

Abstract The authors investigated the effect of abdominal liposuction performed by superficial subdermal liposuction technique on inferior epigastric perforators. We aimed to determine whether previous liposuction is a contraindication to the use of an abdominal …


6-Clinical trial evaluating the results of breast reduction with ancillary lipoplasty

A Prado, P Andrades, S Danilla, M Umaña… – Aesthetic Surgery …, 2006 – Elsevier

BACKGROUND: Suction-assisted lipoplasty (SAL) may be used in breast reduction either alone or as an adjunct to standard reduction mammaplasty procedures. Although adequate results have been attained through breast reduction with ancillary lipoplasty, the safety of …




ABSTRACT Standard abdominoplasty includes a transverse lower abdominal incision, wide undermining of the skin and subcutaneous tissue to the costal margins, tightening of the abdominal musculature with correction of rectus muscle diastasis, resection of redundant …



-1985 Gazi Üniversity Medicine School ANKARA

-1992 Gazi Üniversity Plastic Surgery Department ANKARA



-1999 Ankara Private Yasam kardiac hospital Plastik Surgery Deparment chief

-2002/2011 Antalya public state hospital Plastic Surgery Department Chief

-2011 Antalya He has worked his Private Aesthetic Surgery clinic

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-1995 Gunshot wounds , cyprus Plastic surgery national meeting

-1998 Journal of Plastic and reconstructive surgery , revascularization of  perforators arters after liposuction,

clinic study

-1998 Revascularization of abdominal perforators after tram flap in rats, experimental

-1996 New Horizons in aethetic surgery international symposium under the auspieces of ESPRAS & EBOPRAS

-1997 8th Congress of the European Section of IPRAS,ESPRAS Lisbon,Portugal

-1997 The Satellite Instructional Course ‘’ REFINEMENTS ON MAMMARY RECONSTRUCTION ‘’ taught by Prof.
Madeleine and Prof.Sharnagl,Lisbon

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circumcision.  Eur. J. Plast. Surg. 22: 85, 1999.

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